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 The ResurFX™ laser is a revolutionary skin resurfacing option that dramatically improves skin tone and texture. This non-ablative laser, created by Lumenis®, is incredibly versatile, offering more than 600 variations in shape, size, and density settings, allowing treatment with the ResurFX laser to be completely customized for each patient. 

What is ResurFX? 

The ResurFX laser painlessly penetrates deep into the skin, where it works to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers helps to improve tone and create a softer, smoother, and blemish-free appearance. 

The ResurFX laser can be used on the face, neck, chest/décolletage, and hands to address issues including: 

  • Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles 
  • General Skin Laxity 
  • Age Spots 
  • Sun Damage 
  • Acne and Surgical Scars 
  • Large Pores 
  • Uneven Skin Tone 
  • Hyper Pigmentation 
  • Melasma 
  • Rosacea 
  • Broken Blood Vessels 

As with other fractional, non-ablative laser treatments, ResurFX is safe and effective on all skin types, tones, and complexions. Unlike similar treatments, however, ResurFX utilizes a state-of-the-art CoolScan scanner, allowing for improved comfort and more customizable results. Moreover, the ResurFX laser requires only one pass to be effective, saving time while protecting your skin’s health. The ResurFX offers a variety of benefits, which include: 

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles: ResurFX gently exfoliates the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Improvement in skin texture and tone: By stimulating your body’s natural collagen production, the ResurFX laser can improve uneven skin texture. 
  • Corrects areas of hyperpigmentation: ResurFX can target areas of hyperpigmentation to reduce the appearance of sunspots.  

Candidates for ResurFX 

Before you can get ResurFX, you must be deemed a suitable candidate. Below are a few ways you can qualify for ResurFX treatment: 

  • You are in good health. 
  • You have real expectations regarding the procedure. 
  • You have sun damage. 
  • You have fine lines. 
  • You have deep wrinkles. 
  • You have blotchy skin. 
  • Your skin has a leathery texture. 

ResurFX Procedure 

Before your ResurFX treatment, your skin will be numbed with a topical anesthetic. During your treatment, CoolScan technology will further help to protect your comfort. Each ResurFX usually takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour to complete. You can also return to your normal activities immediately after your treatment session. 

Following treatment, adhering to our office’s post-treatment instructions will help ensure optimal comfort and the fastest recovery. 

ResurFX Recovery and Results

  • 2-7 Days
  • High Activity

Following treatment with ResurFX, your skin may appear and feel sunburned and dry. This can last for two to four days. During this time, your skin will peel and feel slightly swollen in the treatment areas. These are temporary side-effects and should subside on their own.  

You can assist in a shorter and more comfortable recovery by avoiding tobacco products and alcohol, staying away from direct sun exposure, waiting to participate in excessive exercises that induce sweat, and not submerging the treatment area while swimming. 

Keeping your skin clean and dry and applying all moisturizers and creams recommended or prescribed by our office will also help ensure the best recovery experience. We will provide personalized instructions following your treatment to help ensure your recovery is as pleasant as possible. 

Recovery from treatment with the ResurFX laser can take up to one week, but proper skin care will be necessary for maintenance and optimal comfort. As a non-surgical treatment, results from ResurFX are both cumulative and gradual. It may take two to three sessions to achieve your goals. We will work directly with you during and after this time to meet your needs.  

ResurFX is a non-ablative laser, so that results will be gradual over time. As your collagen remodels, your skin will become smoother with fewer areas of hyperpigmentation. You will also see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in the treatment areas.  

Schedule a Consultation 

If you want to learn more about what laser skin resurfacing with the ResurFX laser can do for you, please call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery at 913-341-2188 to schedule a treatment consultation with Dr. Levi Young. Board-certified, attentive, thoughtful, and effective, Dr. Young takes pride in helping women and men living in and around Kansas City reach their aesthetic goals.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Are Not Viable Candidates For ResurFX?

    Despite the benefits ResurFX can provide, there are factors that can disqualify you from being a suitable candidate. 

    Here is what can potentially disqualify you as a candidate for ResurFX:

    • You have deep wrinkles.
    • You are currently taking medication that may damage your skin.
    • You have specific allergies.
    • You have a skin condition that requires treatment.
    • You are prone to cold sores.

    In order to know if you are a suitable candidate for ResurFX, you will need to have a consultation with Dr. Levi Young. He will assess the current condition of your skin as well as go over any issues that could interfere with the treatment.

  • Is ResurFX Safe to Use?

    ResurFX is typically a safe cosmetic procedure. But as with many cosmetic procedures, there are risks you need to be aware of. Since ResurFX is a type of laser treatment, it does come with the usual risks of redness, swelling, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and an increased chance of infection.

  • Are There Associated Risks or Side Effects?

    The risks of side effects after ResurFX are rare; however, some patients may experience:

    • Temporary redness and swelling.
    • Changes in skin color.
    • Increased skin sensitivity.
  • What Is the Aftercare Protocol?

    After having ResurFX, you may experience some redness and possible swelling. This should subside within a few days following treatment. You should follow the skincare regimen outlined in your post-treatment instructions. This may include gentle cleansing and using a specific moisturizer. Be sure to apply sunscreen when outdoors, as your skin may be extra sensitive following treatment. You will need to avoid using harsh exfoliants or other skincare products until your follow-up appointment. 

  • How Do I Prepare for ResurFX?

    Prior to treatment, you will have a consultation and discuss your skin concerns. You should avoid excessive sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. You may be asked to discontinue certain medications prior as well. On the day of treatment, your skin should be free of makeup or skincare products, such as moisturizers or serums. Be sure to tell your treating esthetician what type of skincare products you have been using and when you discontinued them. 

    We can help you build the ideal at-home skincare routine with our line of Skin Medica® products. This line of professional skin care products is rooted in science, helping to ensure optimal comfort and safety without compromising efficacy. During your time in our care, we would be happy to help you build the perfect home routine to help extend and enhance the results of your ResurFX treatment.

  • How Long do ResurFX Results Last?

    Things like surgical and acne scars, once treated, will not come back. For issues including skin laxity, fine lines and deep wrinkles, and tone or textural issues, you can expect results from your ResurFX laser treatment to last for two years – longer if you take proper care of your skin.


Hannah Brown

Hannah was born and raised in KC. She graduated from Entourage Institute of Beauty & Esthetics and got her laser training and certification with Lumenis. She is a certified provider with SkinPen, PCA professional peels, and continues her educations with annual trainings from SkinMedica and ZO Skin Health.


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