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Sculptra is an FDA-approved form of dermal filler to reduce moderate to deep wrinkles and folds in the skin. This non-invasive anti-aging option is an excellent cosmetic option for those experiencing wrinkles and volume loss due to aging and genetics. Learn more about the Sculptra treatment conveniently offered in the Kansas City area at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery.  

What is Sculptra? 

Sculptra is a dermal filler treatment that is injected into the dermal layer of the skin and formulated with the gel-like substance Poly-L-Lactic acid. This formulation helps to stimulate collagen when injected into the body. This is beneficial because your collagen production levels diminish as you age, causing the skin to lose the strength, flexibility, and youthfulness it once had.  

Sculptra can be injected into many areas of the body where you have wrinkles and folds that you want to be smoothed or regions where you have experienced loss of volume. Most patients receive Sculptra injections in their buttocks or hip areas to improve the contours and look of their body.

Candidates for Sculptra 

Ideal candidates for Sculptra include individuals over 18 who are looking to enhance the look of aging skin and the body’s contours. Whether you are looking for a treatment to address the look of deep wrinkles and folds or want to elevate recessed areas, volumize contours, or treat fat loss Sculptra is a long-lasting injectable treatment option.  

The best way to determine your candidacy for Sculptra is through an in-depth consultation with one of our friendly expert injectors at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. During a private consultation, we will review your medical history and cosmetic goals and curate a treatment plan for your specific needs. 

Sculptra Procedure 

Before your treatment, your injector will cleanse your treatment area and apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area so that you do not experience discomfort or pain while being injected. Your injector will carefully mark your injection sites and then cautiously inject a small needle with the formulation underneath your skin. Because you will be numbed, you will not experience any pain; however, you may still experience mild pressure at the injection sites.

Sculptra Recovery and Results

  • 1-3 DAYS

After your Sculptra injection, you will be encouraged to resume your day as usual. You must avoid exercising for a few days after treatment to ensure optimal results. Sculptra offers minimal side effects, including bruising or swelling that will disappear after a few short days. Any discomfort will be manageable with over-the-counter medications such as NSAIDs.  

Your Sculptra results will emerge within one month after your treatment, offering you the desired fullness you wish for. Sculptra is a long-lasting treatment that allows for up to two years of results. Patients who are satisfied with their results and want to maintain their new contours can schedule maintenance appointments as needed every few years.  

Schedule a Consultation 

If you are interested in Sculptra in Overland Park, Olathe, Lawrence, Blue Springs, and other surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us at Levi J. Young, MD, Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, through our online contact form or by phone at 913-341-2188.


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Delanie is a certified nurse injector and started her nursing career in 2017. She began her career as a nurse at the University of Kansas Health system with experience in orthopedic trauma. Delanie transitioned from the hospital to pursue her passion in aesthetics.


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