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What Does Brachioplasty Do?


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Fashion portrait of a young woman in bikini in studio on white backgroundBrachioplasty, more commonly known as an arm lift, is a body contouring procedure designed to improve the definition of the upper arm.

Flabby and loose skin underneath the arms, colloquially referred to as “bat wings,” can be visually unappealing. Loose and heavy skin underneath the arms obstructs triceps definition and produces a heavier and more aged look, even when surrounding areas of the body are toned. As if that weren’t enough, loose skin hanging off of the arms impacts clothing options, interferes with full range of motion, and can become physically uncomfortable as it rubs against the body, chafing or causing irritation.

Brachioplasty corrects all of these concerns.

With an arm lift, fat deposits refusing to respond to diet and exercise are permanently eliminated before unnecessary skin is removed. This allows for a tightening of the skin and firming of underlying tissue, helping to create a toned, well-defined, and optimally sculpted upper arm, restoring clothing options, eliminating chafing, and improving physical and emotional comfort.

Additional Lift & Tuck Procedures

Arm lift improves the appearance of the upper arms, but the same issues that can allow for fat accumulation and skin laxity around the triceps can allow for the same problems throughout the body. For this reason, brachioplasty is commonly combined with other body procedures.

If you have excess skin and fat around the midsection, abdominoplasty may be the perfect complement to arm lift surgery. Tummy tuck tones and defines the belly and waist, and is a fantastic solution for people looking to improve upper body appearance. Breast surgeries, due to the proximity of the breasts to the arms, are also a great combination with an arm lift. These can restore symmetry, improve projection, or create a firmer look to the upper torso and may serve to enhance brachioplasty results.

Lower body contouring, such as thigh lift, butt lift, and liposuction of the calves and ankles, is also commonly performed with arm lift – particularly during post-weight loss body lift. This combination can prove remarkably effective if you have loose, sagging skin on both the upper and lower appendages.

Each Person is Unique

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