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Surprising Benefits of Breast Augmentation


breast-augmentation-implants-kansas-city-AdobeStock_189100679.jpg Breast augmentation with breast implants or the fat transfer method changes your entire physique by altering the proportion of your figure. Women choose breast augmentation for a variety of reasons ranging from genetic deformities such as tubular breasts to addressing a loss of volume due to pregnancy or weight loss. The primary goal of breast augmentation is to give you the shape and size you desire through saline or silicone implants or using fat cells from another area of your body to increase your bust. However, surveys and studies have found that there are additional breast augmentation benefits that may surprise you.

More Confidence in Everyday Life

Breast augmentation increases confidence in several ways and depends on the original reason you sought breast enhancement. Some women come to Dr. Young because they have uneven breasts, which is often due to genetics. No two breasts are the same, but some women struggle with significant size differences such as one breast is an A cup and the other is a B or C cup.

Correcting asymmetry takes away the embarrassment some women experience because of uneven breasts and gives them new confidence in their body. Similarly, women with tubular breasts (which are often considered a congenital abnormality and stops the breasts from developing fully during puberty) choose breast augmentation to achieve a natural, fully-formed look. Increasing the size of breasts for cosmetic reasons typically gives women a heightened sense of confidence as well because they feel more secure about their overall figure.  

An Increased and Improved Sex Life

RealSelf circulated a survey for women who had breast augmentation asking about the changes in their life—61 percent of surveyed patients said they had sex more often and 70 percent said they experienced more satisfaction during intercourse. Similar studies found that women reported higher levels of arousal, satisfaction, and sexual desire after breast augmentation. That could be due to the increase in confidence women have when they’re happy with their breast size and shape, and their significant others may find them more desirable.

A New Wardrobe

Many women with breast implants or fat transfer breast augmentation find that they can wear clothing they wanted to in the past but didn’t fill out the chest area beforehand. Dr. Young believes in providing patients with a balanced, proportionate figure which gives you the opportunity to wear clothing you’ve always wanted to buy but didn’t quite fit correctly with your natural breasts.

Why Choose Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Kansas City

Dr. Levi Young is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery. The plastic surgery field is an art form, which is what drew Dr. Young to this area of the medical field from the beginning of his education and career. He’s an artist inside and outside the operating room and his artwork can be found on many of our walls at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. Your breast augmentation will be customized to fit your goals and your body, and patient satisfaction and safety are the most important parts of our plastic surgery office and motto.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Young in Kansas City today at (913) 341-2188 to schedule your consultation. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery serves patients in the Kansas City areas of Kansas and Missouri including Leawood and Leawood.

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“I am an artist. My artistic ability is an asset in the operating room, enabling me to visualize and create the best aesthetic results.”

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