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Every woman is unique, which means your breast augmentation procedure should be customized to suit your natural anatomy and goals for your body. At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, our plastic surgeon prides himself on individualized care. Dr. Levi Young is an artist who will conceptualize your breast augmentation using your input and his eye for detail to ensure you’re left with the ideal breast size and shape for you. Breast augmentations are often combined with breast lifts, so if you would like to have your breasts lifted at the same time that they are being resized, breast augmentation with lift may be a good option for you.  

If you’re interested in breast augmentation or another form of cosmetic surgery, please contact Dr. Young in Leawood today at 913-341-2188 to schedule your consultation. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery serves patients in the Kansas City area including Leawood, Kansas.

There are several breast augmentation options available. Dr. Young will discuss which of these choices will offer you the best outcome as well as the details of your procedure and recovery during your in-depth consultation:

Breast Augmentation Before and After

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Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants

One of the first aspects of breast augmentation you’ll discuss with Dr. Young is the type of breast implant. The two FDA-approved options include saline and silicone implants. You must be at least 18 for saline and 22 for silicone. However, some circumstances warrant an exception such as breast augmentation to correct asymmetry (uneven breasts) or reconstructing breasts using implants following a mastectomy because cancer and genetics affect women of all ages.

Saline implants have a silicone shell and are filled to their desired size with saline water after the shell is surgically placed. Silicone implants also involve a silicone shell but are pre-filled with silicone. “Gummy bear” implants are silicone implants with a thicker, cohesive fill. There are benefits to both breast implant types, but Dr. Young often recommends silicone because it offers a more natural look and feel, particularly the gummy-style silicone implants.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is an emerging trend that we also offer at our Leawood plastic surgery office. This method uses your fat cells, which are harvested via liposuction from an area of your body with unwanted fat such as your abdomen and thighs, to enhance the size of your breasts.

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Breast Implant Size

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Another aspect of your breast augmentation we’ll discuss at your consultation is the size of your breast implants. Many women already have an idea of the breast size they want to attain, but several factors come into play that determine the volume of your implants. Contrary to popular belief, implants are measured by volume, not cup size, and the volume of your breast implants will depend on your natural anatomy, measurements, and desired results.

Breast augmentation with our board-certified plastic surgeon is customized to suit you as each woman’s body type and measurements are different. The width of your breast implants must match the width of your natural breasts. Cleavage is another common concern our patients have when deciding on implant size and placement. Most women don’t want wide cleavage, but this also comes down to your anatomy and the amount of cleavage you already have.

Dr. Young recommends looking at specific breast augmentation before and after photos to project the amount of cleavage you may end up with and how your breast implant size will look. Find before images that are similar to your current breasts and compare the after photos. Examples of women who have your body type and shape will help you visualize your end results.

During your  breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Young will discuss implant sizes with you and develop an individualized plan to help you reach your desired look and feel. We have a sizing appointment where you can try implants with varying volume to get an even better idea of what we can accomplish with your breast augmentation procedure.

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Breast Augmentation Incision Types

The location of your implant incision will depend on the type of breast implant you choose, implant size, and a few other factors. The three incision options include:

  1. Inframammary: An incision is made in the crease underneath the breast. The resulting scar is hidden in the fold.
  2. Periareolar: The incision is created around the areola (nipple), and the surgical scar fades to blend in with the darker pigment of your areolas.
  3. Transaxillary: The armpit incision is often used for saline implants as they are inserted empty and then filled to the desired size with saline (salt) water.

Dr. Young typically recommends the inframammary incision. In case you need to remove or exchange the implants in the future, the fold underneath your breasts is the incision place they’ll use, meaning you may end up with multiple scars in the long run. The armpit incision tends to have a higher rate of capsular contracture (which occurs when scar tissue forms a capsule around the implant, causing it to harden or alter in shape) and is a more challenging surgery that leaves you with a difficult scar to conceal.

Some of our patients come in concerned about the potential for loss of nipple sensation. While this is always a possibility with breast augmentation procedures, it is a rare occurrence and another reason why Dr. Young suggests the inframammary incision. The periareolar incision type comes with an increased risk of nipple sensation issues, and the scar is more visible than the inframammary option.

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Breast Implant Placement Options

The placement of your breast implants will affect the shape and feel of your breast augmentation results. There are two options, including: Placement of Breast Implants

  • Subglandular: This “Over the Muscle” placement option involves positioning the breast implants underneath your breast tissue on top of your chest (pectoral) muscles.
  • Submuscular: “Under the Muscle” placement for breast implants involves positioning them beneath both your glandular tissue and pectoral muscles. Partial submuscular (dual plane) is an alternative option as well.

Implant placement largely comes down to preference, and many of our patients choose submuscular as it can give you a more natural-looking result than subglandular.

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Breast Implant Lifespan

There’s a common misconception that breast implants need to be exchanged every 10 years, but there’s no evidence of this in literature or science. Breast implants do not expire. You won’t need to change your implants unless you would like to increase or decrease the size or there’s been a complication such as implant rupture or capsular contracture.

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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Women undergo breast augmentation for many reasons. Maybe you’ve had children or lost a substantial amount of weight and want to correct volume loss. Your movement will be restricted for several weeks following your procedure, which will impact your ability to lift small children and do strenuous exercises.

To give your body the opportunity to heal correctly, you’ll need to take one to two weeks off of work or have help available at home for small children. You also need to avoid using your upper body to lift or reach objects for six weeks, but you can exercise your lower body after two weeks. Following your breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Young will see you for several follow-up appointments: one week post-op, then six weeks, six months, and one year.

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Breast Implant Revision and Replacement

Breast implant revision or replacement is performed to:

  • Refresh your results or change some aspect of your breasts
  • Repair a complication or implant problem
  • Correct results you are not happy with from your initial breast augmentation

Common reasons for seeking implant revision or replacement include:

Normal tissue changes. Despite breast implants, time has a way of causing our tissues to change. Specifically, the skin of your breasts may begin to sag and stretch. While these tissue changes occur as a normal part of aging, they may also appear after weight gain or loss, or after pregnancy. A revision procedure can be tailored to the tissue changes you are experiencing, restoring firm, perky breasts.

Correction of capsular contracture. This complication occurs when scar tissue tightens and contracts around the implant. It will cause the breast to feel very firm and hard. Capsules of scar tissue form naturally around your implants, but it becomes an issue when it thickens and constricts. A revision may become necessary to remove the tissue or to replace the implant.

Ruptured implant. It is possible for the implant shell to tear or rupture. When a saline implant is involved, the saline fluid will leak out of the shell and the breast will look very obviously deflated. Because silicone gel maintains its shape even when a shell tears, your breast probably won't look any different. A silicone rupture is typically detected as part of an MRI. The implant will be replaced in these situations.

To change the implant size, shape and/or type. You may want larger or smaller breast implants now that some time has passed since your original surgery. Or maybe you want to change out your silicone implants for saline, or change some other aspect of the implants themselves. Dr. Young may be able to use your original augmentation incisions to remove your implants and replace them with the new ones. The pocket in which the implants sit will be widened or made smaller, depending on whether you are increasing or decreasing size.

Implant malposition. Problems with the breast capsules or the breast tissues may cause the implants to sit too high, too low, too close together or too far apart. Dr. Young may use the existing incisions to modify and reposition the capsule so that a beautiful aesthetic result is restored.

Visible rippling or visible implant contour. Saline breast implants run the possibility of rippling. The saline fluid may cause the shell to wrinkle. The ripples can be visible when a woman has thin breast tissue. Women with little breast tissue may also find that the edge of the implant becomes visible. These issues are more likely to occur when the implant is placed above the chest muscle. In either scenario, Dr. Young can help you decide the best course of action, which may be replacing the saline implants with silicone, or placing new implants below the chest muscle.

Drooping and/or asymmetry. With the passing years, sagging tissue may cause the breasts to look very uneven. A revision procedure restores a more symmetrical bust.

If you are a good candidate for breast implant revision and/or replacement, there are typically many benefits, including:

  • Restore positive feelings about the appearance of your breasts
  • Ensure your breast implants are performing as you expect
  • Get the best possible results from breast augmentation
  • Enjoy results that will serve you for the long term

The next step is to visit Dr. Young for a consultation. You'll discuss what issue has arisen, and he will let you know all of the potential options for restoring results you love.

Why Choose Our Kansas City Plastic Surgeon?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. and has been for several years. It’s essential to choose a plastic surgeon who you feel comfortable with and has the skill, experience, and artistic ability to deliver your desired results safely.

Do you have questions about breast augmentation? Read our blog!

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery believes in providing a comfortable environment for our patients where you can learn about all aspects of the breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Young’s artistic nature is showcased on the walls of our office where detailed paintings hang, and that eye for beauty comes into play in his surgical techniques. Dr. Young uses his talent and experience to customize each procedure to give you results that compliments your body shape and gives you a boost of confidence.

Dr. Levi Young is a board-certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and was voted one of the top three plastic surgeons in the greater Kansas City area twice by Pitch Weekly magazine. He’s been recognized for more than his surgical skills, though. Dr. Young has won the “Ten Best Client Satisfaction Award” for three consecutive years, was featured in Her Life magazine, and appeared on the hit morning show Better KC.

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Schedule Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

You’re not just a number at our plastic surgery office in Kansas City. You, your body, and your aesthetic goals are unique to you, and so your breast augmentation surgery should be too.

That individualized care begins with your first visit to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Young spends at least 20-30 minutes with you during your initial consultation discussing how you’d like your breasts to look and feel and your various options.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation, please contact our office in Leawood, Kansas, today at 913-341-2188 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Young. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery serves clients throughout the Kansas City area including Leawood.

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