Laser Hair Removal vs. At-Home Hair Removal: Pros and Cons

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Posted: April 27, 2023
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laser hair removalHair seems to always end up in places we don’t want it. That’s why there are many options out there to choose from when deciding how to best get rid of unwanted hair. However, with such a wide variety of choices, knowing what's right for you can be challenging. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of laser hair removal and more traditional at-home options.

Traditional Hair Removal

Traditional hair removal options are processes often done at home or in salons. Standard options include shaving methods and waxing.


At-home hair removal comes with a handful of perks that can make it appealing. Shaving at home is cheaper in the short term, can be done at home, can be done while you shower, and can decide how much length you want to remove. Waxing is relatively affordable; your hair doesn’t return as quickly and is often done by a professional.


Unfortunately, that is where the upsides of traditional methods end. The downsides of shaving include razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hairs, potentially cutting yourself, hair returns quickly, and you have to buy more razors continuously. Waxing also has its own set of downsides, including pain during waxing, the ongoing cost of going, having to go to a salon, and the hair removal is not permanent.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a professional service provided to permanently remove hair from your body with the smallest amount of discomfort.


Laser hair removal is a fantastic tool to achieve the body hair of your dreams. Some of the pros include permanent hair removal, done by a professional, and the procedure is quick, saves you money in the long run, is not wasteful like disposable razors, no risk of cutting yourself, and services are often financed to make them more affordable.


Laser hair removal, thankfully, is without many downsides. The few that exist are the upfront cost, and the process may be slightly uncomfortable, and the need to go to an office. However, these cons are often mitigated by taking advantage of financing options and the procedure results.

Hair Where You Want, Not Where You Don’t

Traditional hair removal, unfortunately, comes with quite a bit of a headache. You shave week after week, all while draining your bank account. That’s exactly why Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Leawood, KS, provides professional laser hair removal. You can finally stop dreading the shave and enjoy the body you deserve, so if you’re ready to make that first step, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery at 913-341-2188 today!