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Mommy makeover is a set of procedures

The term “mommy makeover” has been used in the press and for marketing reasons but is not one particular surgery. The effects of pregnancy vary from patient to patient. During pregnancy there are many changes going on in your body. The most obvious for most patients is the enlarging of the abdomen as your baby grows. To allow the abdomen to enlarge properly and to help with delivery there are hormone changes that occur that allow your tissues to give and stretch more than normal. Some of these changes are not reversible. Along with this stretching of the abdomen most mothers will gain about 30 pounds. While this may be healthy for the baby it can be hard to get rid of after delivery. The breasts are also affected with many patients having atrophic “shrunken” and ptotic “sagging” breasts after delivery and breast feeding. While the abdomen and breasts are the areas most commonly treated with a “mommy makeover” other areas include lax skin on the face and leg veins.

Most common procedures

The most common procedure that mothers are asking us for is simply breast augmentation. This can correct the breast atrophy and small amounts of ptosis. If more ptosis is present than the implant can correct then a breast lift procedure will be necessary. There are several incision patterns available for a breast lift depending on how much sagging you have.

After breast surgery the next most common area we are asked to address is the abdomen. A lucky few patients have reasonable skin tone and benefit from liposuction only. Most patients after delivery however benefit more from an abdominoplasty “tummy tuck” to address the loose skin and stretch marks. When we do an abdominoplasty, we also do some liposuction and tighten the underlying muscles. You will find examples of abdominoplasty surgery and more procedure information on our website under the Abdominoplasty tab.

The breast and abdominal surgery can be done separately or at the same time. Most patients like to just do it all at once as there is less overall down time and recovery as well as cost savings. The surgery time can vary but a full abdominoplasty and breast lift with augmentation is usually 5 hours or less. Which procedure or combination of procedures that would work out best for you depends on what your wishes are and what your anatomy dictates. We discuss all options at the consultation and tailor the surgery to your needs.

When breast and abdomen surgery is done at the same time, the abdomen is the rate limiting factor as far as recovery. You can find detailed recovery information under the Abdominoplasty tab.

Schedule a Consultation

The changes that occur to a woman’s body during pregnancy vary from person to person. When you come in for your complimentary cosmetic consultation, we will discuss what areas concern you and we will develop a surgical plan that will be tailored to your needs.