What Causes Gynecomastia?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: There are a variety of different causes of gynecomastia. It’s very common, it can be congenital; you’re born with it and develop it during puberty and that’s most commonly what occurs. There’s a variety of different things. So if you visit the office that’s one of the first things we’ll discuss. We’ll discuss your history. When did it appear? Did you notice it at puberty? What medications have you taken now or what medications did you take in the past? Have you used steroids? Have you used marijuana on a regular basis at times in your past or present? Those are all factors that can cause, effect, or increase gynecomastia. So if you’d like to discuss that, look at your causes and want to know what to do about it come visit us. Call us at 913-341-2188 or visit our website at www.advancedcosmeticsurgerykc.com.