How Do I Determine if I Need a Breast Lift?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: How do we decide who needs a breast lift? The most important landmark we look at is where’s the nipple and the breast tissue as it relates to the fold underneath the breast? You can best see this if you turn to the side and look in the mirror. Where’s the fold? Where's your nipple? And, where’s that breast tissue in relation to the fold? If the nipple and the breast tissue are low below that fold, that’s most likely a person that’s going to need a lift. It’s all about where the tissue, where the nipple is positioned as it relates to the fold, and that’s what we accomplish when we lift. We’re repositioning the breast tissue and the nipple above that fold. That’s what gives you the projection, the shape, that ideal position without the droop that you don’t want. So, if you’re interested in a breast lift, take a look at yourself and then come visit us. Call us at 913-341-2188 or visit our website and look at some of our examples