Dr. Young Explains a Facelift Procedure

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: So, what are we doing with a facelift? All these patients do the same thing. It’s funny. In clinic, they stand in the mirror. They press back on their jawline skin, and they say: If we could just do this. And in truth, that is what we do with a facelift. We’re tightening that skin in the lower face that provides a tightening, better contour through the jawline. It’s going to lift through the neck. We tighten the structures underneath that support those areas. It’s a facelift. You stand in the mirror. You simulate it all the time. So, if you’re doing that or if you’re doing it right now, come see us. Let’s talk about a facelift. Call us at the office at 913-341-2188 or visit our website at www.advancedcosmeticsurgerykc.com.