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Infographic: What Can Dermal Filer Do?Dermal fillers, or facial fillers, are used to add volume to areas of the skin impacted by signs of aging. While formulated differently, dermal fillers are intended to address fine lines, deep wrinkles, and sunken-in areas of the face such as cheeks. Some fillers can also address skin laxity, add volume to lips, and smooth skin on the décolletage and hands.

Nonsurgical, well-tolerated, and incredibly effective, dermal fillers can produce a softer, more youthful, and more attractive appearance after just one treatment. We offer a range of fillers at our Leawood office, enabling Dr. Young to select the appropriate formulation for each need. During your initial consultation, Dr. Young will listen to your concerns, assess your problem areas, and suggest the treatment best suited to yours.

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JUVÉDERM® Collection

Hyaluronic acid is the active ingredient in all JUVÉDERM fillers. Found naturally in connective tissue throughout the body, hyaluronic acid works to gently add volume by assisting the skin in retaining water moisture. Effective and safe, these fillers produce both immediate and gradual results that can last for several months.

JUVÉDERM fillers available through our office include:

  • JUVÉDERM Ultra XC. This filler is used to add volume to the lips and to address moderate to severe lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. JUVÉDERM Ultra XC can produce results for up to one year
  • JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC. This filler is used to add volume to the lips and to soften “lipstick” lines around the mouth. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC can produce results for up to one year
  • JUVÉDERM VOLLURE XC. This filler is used to address moderate to severe facial wrinkling and folds throughout the lower and midface. JUVÉDERM VOLLURE XC can produce results for up to 18 months.
  • JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC. This filler is used to address midface (cheeks) volume loss and skin laxity. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC can produce results for up to 24 months

Restylane® Collection

Restylane® fillers utilize hyaluronic acid to add volume to the face, décolletage, and hands. Fillers from the Restylane family that are offered by Dr. Young include:

  • Restylane DEFYNE. This filler is used to eliminate moderate to severe laugh lines. Restylane DEFYNE can produce results for up to 12 months
  • Restylane KYSSE. This filler is used to add volume to the lips and address wrinkling around the mouth. Restylane KYSSE can produce results for up to nine months
  • Restylane LYFT. This filler addresses skin laxity on the chin, along the jawline, in the cheeks, and on the bridge of the nose. LYFT was the first dermal filler approved for treating wrinkles and skin laxity on the back of the hands. Restylane LYFT can produce results for up to 12 months
  • Restylane REFYNE. This filler addresses smile and laugh lines around the lips and mouth. Restylane REFYNE can produce results for 18 months
  • Restylane SILK. This filler adds volume to the lips and addresses wrinkles around the mouth. The very first lip augmentation filler approved by the FDA, Restylane SILK can produce results for up to six months

Are Dermal Fillers Painful?

Both Restylane and JUVÉDERM products contain lidocaine to help improve patient comfort, but neither family of products will require a recovery period. In fact, a vast majority of patients are able to receive treatment and immediately resume normal activities. 

Some swelling, redness, and bruising are possible in the days following treatment. Proper skin care, which will be covered in full during your time in our care, will assist with any temporary discomfort.

Candidates for Dermal Fillers

The best candidates for dermal fillers are men and women who are unhappy with the way aging, environmental factors, and genetics have changed their appearance. If you struggle with moderate to severe facial wrinkling, skin laxity, or similar issues related to volume loss, you may be the ideal candidate. The best way to find out is through a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Young.

Nonsurgical and minimally invasive, fillers are a safe choice for many of our patients. During your consultation, Dr. Young will assess your medical history and other relevant information to help you determine if dermal fillers are the best fit for your needs.

A Note on Neuromodulators

Neuromodulators like BOTOX® Cosmetic are not dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are facial treatments that add volume; neuromodulators relax tense muscles. Each treatment is perfect for its purpose, but neither is ideal for every patient. Dr. Young is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you determine which nonsurgical method of facial rejuvenation is right for your needs.

How Long do Dermal Fillers Last?

Dermal fillers can produce results for six to 24 months, depending on the type used, the areas treated, your age at the time of treatment, and other factors unique to each situation. You can easily maintain the results from your dermal filler treatment through regularly scheduled touch-ups at our Leawood office.

We are committed to helping you achieve and maintain the most desirable results and offer a range of professional and prescription solutions that can help. During your time in our care, we will provide information about these options to help ensure you have all of the resources you need to extend your results as long as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Dermal Filler Facial Treatments?

Dermal filler treatment offers several advantages to adults who are interested in enhancing their appearance:

  • Minimally invasive treatment does not require any downtime.
  • Treatment sessions usually take less than half an hour.
  • Results of dermal filler injections develop in real time so you get immediate satisfaction.
  • Dermal fillers have been used for many years and have a strong track record of safety.
  • Dermal fillers can be combined with neuromodulators for enhanced results.
  • Dermal fillers aren’t just for wrinkle reduction! They can also add volume to enhance facial features.

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

In general, dermal fillers work by increasing the volume in the deeper layers of the skin. We use JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® products, all of which are made with hyaluronic acid. This is a substance that is already in the body, so there is no risk of rejection or allergic reactions. The way that hyaluronic acid dermal fillers work is by adhering to water molecules in the skin. The bond between HA particles and water molecules is strong enough to sustain volume for several months.

How Long Does It take to Get Dermal Fillers?

Your dermal filler appointment will most likely last less than an hour, including our brief consultation in which we discuss your concerns and desired improvements. The injection portion of your appointment may take just five to 15 minutes. Because most dermal fillers contain a mild analgesic, we don’t have to spend time waiting for a topical numbing cream to work. No addition pain relief techniques are needed thanks to the inclusion of numbing medication in the filler.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

You should need just one appointment to achieve remarkable dermal filler results! We are conscientious about getting results that look completely natural. If, after a few weeks of integration, you feel like you’d like a little more enhancement, you can come back in for a touch-up. Due to our method of performing injectable treatments, this is rarely necessary.

Are Dermal Filler Results Permanent?

No. Dermal fillers are not made to remain in the skin permanently. The advantage of this is that you can address the signs of aging as they occur without having to work around a permanent scaffold beneath your skin that could affect treatment outcomes.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Dermal Fillers?

Recovery from dermal fillers is incredibly fast. Most patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

There may be some soreness and swelling at the injection site, along with slight redness and potential bruising, but these things should fade within a few days without any effort on your part.

When Will I See the Results of My Dermal Filler Treatment?

Results from hyaluronic acid fillers are both immediate and gradual. There will be some correction as soon as treatment has been completed, which will continue to improve for three to four weeks. Most people achieve optimal results around the one-month mark.

Everyone is different. The time it takes for a dermal filler to integrate into your tissue may be slightly shorter or longer than average. We will help you determine when you can expect to see results during your treatment consultation.

Are There Any Risks With Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are incredibly safe and have been used for decades to improve facial contours and address signs of aging. However, there are some risks to consider before committing to treatment.

The most common risks associated with dermal fillers are bruising, redness, and swelling. Tenderness and slight discomfort around the treatment area are possible as well. Skin tightness and itching may also occur during the first few days of recovery.

Serious risks are extremely rare and are often linked to allergic reactions. Choosing a practice overseen by a board-certified plastic surgeon, like ours, helps to reduce these more concerning risks.

Which Dermal Fillers Are Best for the Lips?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are best for the lips, and at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, those are exactly what we offer. Several formulations from both JUVÉDERM and Restylane can add volume, improve symmetry, and create an ideally shaped pout. During your consultation, we will discuss all of your options to help you choose the best solution for your needs.

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