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Chemical peels are a minimally invasive way to improve the appearance of the skin. Nonsurgical, peels can address a number of skin conditions, revealing a soft, smooth, and blemish-free appearance. If you are unhappy with the way aging, environmental factors, genetics, and lifestyle choices have impacted your skin, you may be the ideal candidate for a chemical peel. The best way to find out is through a one-on-one consultation at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery.

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What Conditions Can a Chemical Peel Treat?

Chemical peels are applied topically where they work to exfoliate the skin, stimulate collagen production, and improve a number of skin conditions, including:

  • Fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • Sun and age spots
  • Rough and patchy texture
  • Pigmentation irregularities
  • Melasma
  • Keratosis pilaris
  • Pre-cancerous growths
  • Surgical and trauma scars
  • Certain types of acne
  • General skin dullness

Chemical peels are largely safe for all skin types, though there may be certain skin type/condition combinations that will not respond well to this treatment. The best way to learn if a peel would be right for your needs is through a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Young.

Types of Chemical Peel

There are three depths of chemical peel:

  • Light Chemical Peel. A light peel will exfoliate the top layer of skin and is suitable for minor and surface imperfections. Light chemical peels require very little downtime and can be repeated every two to six weeks for maintenance
  • Medium Chemical Peel. A medium peel will exfoliate the top and middle layers of skin. It is suitable for mild to moderate skin conditions including deep wrinkles and acne scars. Recovery from a Medium chemical peel may take up to 14 days. The procedure can be repeated every four to six months
  • Deep Chemical Peel. A deep peel removes the top and middle layers of skin along with some of the lower layers of the dermis. Designed for more pronounced skin conditions, deep chemical peels address wrinkles, precancerous skin growths, and similar concerns. Initial recovery from a deep peel can take 14 days or longer, with residual redness lasting for several months. This procedure can only safely be performed one time

Infographic: Chemical Peel Aftercare

What Types of Chemical Peels Are Offered At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery?

We offer SkinMedica® and PCA peels. These advanced, trusted, and effective brands offer a range of peels, enabling women and men with all skin types and tones to benefit from treatment.

SkinMedica peels include:

  • Illuminize®. This gentle peel is entirely superficial and requires absolutely no downtime. It is very effective at restoring a uniform complexion even after just one use. This peel can be performed every two weeks
  • Vitalize®. A mild peel designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, and skin roughness, Vitalize requires a short recovery period during which the skin will peel, but most people are able to resume normal activities within 24 hours. This peel may require three to six treatments for optimal results. Treatments can safely be performed every three to four weeks
  • Rejuvenize™. A medium peel for moderate to severe skin imperfections, Rejuvenize addresses fine lines, deep wrinkles, and pigmentation irregularities. This retinol-based peel requires a short recovery period and ideal results may require three to six treatments, spaced four to five months apart 

PCA PEELS – 4 or 5 facts including down time/who would benefit from them etc.

  • 1.Enzymatic- skin brightening therapy with resveratrol – This treatment is for all skin types! It is a gentle exfoliant that can be used on anyone (including pregnant women and sensitive skin) It can be paired with dermaplaning or exfoliations. It has ingredients to help protect against free radical damage and reduce fine lines. If you’re looking for an instant “glow” with no actual peeling for days, this is the treatment to go with.
  • Sensi Peel – This is a great option for sensitive skin and higher Fitzpatrick skin types. It helps with overall brightening and texture, while promoting an even skin tone. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can expect a little bit of irritation on the skin because it is a chemical exfoliant. The purpose is to get rid of the dead skin cells and help turn new ones over for a brighter complexion.
  • Ultra Peel – This peel helps treat fine lines and wrinkles. It was made for maturing skin, but can also be used to help treat other skin types and conditions. It reduces dark spots and any other discolorations. What is the down time and recovery like? You can expect to feel a little tingling and discomfort during and after this peel. It is also likely that you will peel for 3-7 days depending on your skin.
  • 4.PCA Peel with hydroquinone – This Peel helps promote an even skin tone and a clear complexion. Hydroquinone is a skin lightening agent. It also helps the cell turn over rate. Who can benefit from this peel? Anyone with hyperpigmentation or sun damage.

As with all medium chemical peels, it may take more than one treatment with a VI peel to achieve ideal results. During your time in our care, we will discuss this with you in greater detail to help you determine how many sessions you will need to reach your goals.

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