Will a Breast Lift Change My Cup Size?

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Posted: February 3, 2021
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Will Breast Lift Reduce Bra Cup Size?

In many cases, your cup size will decrease after a breast lift. However, this isn’t necessarily because your breasts have decreased in size.

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Cup Size is a Poor Indicator of Breast Size

Many women who get a breast lift procedure find that their cup size changes after their surgery, even if their breasts aren’t smaller. The reason for this is the overall fit of a bra. Typically, women who have sagging breasts tend to buy a bra that is one size larger than needed. This is because the fit is more comfortable.

After getting mastopexy, women may go down a cup size because their new bra fits more snugly. This is due to the altered shape of the breasts rather than their actual size.

According to a study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 20 women who underwent a breast lift all reported a decrease in cup size. In order to decrease one cup size, nearly 200 grams of tissue would need to be removed during a breast lift. However, the average amount of tissue removed during the procedures for these participants was 60 grams. This means that the reduction of cup size was due to a better bra fitting.

If you decide to get a breast lift, you may experience a decrease in cup size, but the actual size of your breasts will not decrease.

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