When Is the Right Time for Liposuction?

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Posted: September 30, 2023
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LiposuctionStubborn fat can be incredibly difficult and disheartening to deal with. Despite strict adherence to diet and exercise, problem areas can still exhibit fat. 

Luckily, liposuction can help. You may never have fully considered this plastic surgery despite having heard of it. With most people who have undergone the procedure “extremely satisfied”with their results, liposuction is a proven and effective way to remove fat. 

Before getting this procedure, you should first consider if it’s the right time for you and if you meet the criteria for a good candidate.

You Are Near Your Ideal Weight

Liposuction is not considered a weight-loss solution. Ideal candidates will have already been utilizing other means to lose weight, such as diet and exercise. Ideally, you will be within 20 pounds or 30% of your ideal body weight. 

Being close to your ideal body weight can prevent complications in surgery or recovery. The less fat removed, the easier it is to perform and recover from the procedure. 

Your Weight Is Stable 

If you are still actively gaining or losing weight, undergoing liposuction may not be effective at this time. Though liposuctions permanently remove fat cells preventing their return, you can still gain weight. If you are struggling to maintain a consistent weight, you may enjoy the results from liposuction for only a temporary period. 

Your Skin Is Taut 

Having loose, sagging skin before your liposuction can worsen the issue. However, should you have loose skin, you can still undergo liposuction but you may want to combine it with another procedure afterward, such as an abdominoplasty, that can help remove unwanted excess skin from the abdomen area.

Speak to a Doctor About Liposuction

Whether you meet the above recommendations, you may still benefit from liposuction. The best way to ensure liposuction is right for you is to speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, board-certified Dr. Levi Young takes the time to listen to and understand your needs. His and his team's top priority is helping you achieve your goals through state-of-the-art personalized care. 

To learn more about liposuction and how it can help you, call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery’s Leawood, KS office at 913-341-2188 to schedule a consultation today. 

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