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Dr. Young’s Tummy Tuck Technique Offers Stunning Results


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Leawood woman shows tummy tuck results by measuring waistline

The abdominal area is one of the most difficult body parts to tone and lose weight. Even once you’ve lost some of that stubborn fat, you may have loose skin tissue that hides the actual results of your diet and exercise routine. The tummy tuck is an excellent procedure designed to address these issues. The traditional abdominoplasty surgery removes excess skin tissue and tightens the underlying stomach muscles. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Levi Young, improves upon this procedure by adding liposuction to provide stunning results. 

What Dr. Young’s Tummy Tuck Can Do for You

Many of our tummy tuck patients choose this body contouring procedure to restore their body shape after pregnancy, childbirth, or massive weight loss. The tummy tuck can get rid of certain stretch marks and give you a defined figure by removing the loose skin leftover from losing weight or having children. Dr. Young’s tummy tuck technique involves three surgical steps: 

1) Liposuction

Using a few tiny incisions in the lower back and abdomen, Dr. Young removes residual fat via tumescent liposuction from the “love handle” area and hips to create an hourglass body shape and sculpt the waistline. Dr. Young utilizes lipo for his tummy tuck technique because he has your whole look in mind. His artistic background gives him a keen eye for detail and combined with his surgical skill, Dr. Young can provide our Kansas City area patients their dream results by removing unwanted fat from the area at the same time as the skin removal and muscle tightening. 

2) Tightening & Repositioning Abdominal Muscles

The second step in Dr. Young’s tummy tuck involves the traditional incision across the underwear line in the lower abdomen, which is often where cesarean scars are located. Dr. Young tightens the abdominal muscles that come together like a corset. He strengthens those muscles and reshapes the abdominal wall to address areas that have been stretched out due to pregnancy. Dr. Young flattens the abdominal wall by bringing down the muscle edges to the center of the back. 

3) Removing Excess Skin

The final stage of your tummy tuck with Dr. Young is the removal of loose, excess skin tissue. A small incision is made above or at the level of your belly button. The skin is removed. The goal of Dr. Young’s tummy tuck is to address your entire torso, so he can give you the body shape you’ve been working toward but have been unable to reach because of stretched muscles and loose skin. 

Contact Dr. Young at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Leawood

Levi Young, M.D. is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and specializes in face, breast and body procedures. If you struggle with loose skin and unwanted fat along your abdomen, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery today at (913) 341-2188 to see if Dr. Young’s tummy tuck method is right for you. 

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