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Does Exercise Cause Breast Ptosis?


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Breast ptosis (sagging) is an unavoidable part of life for many women. And while there are certain behaviors, such as excessive sun exposure, can contribute to skin laxity, most types of exercise are safe, even for women with larger breasts. However, a lifelong dedication to high-intensity sports and activities can contribute to breast sagging, even when a supportive bra is worn during these pursuits.

For most women, breast sagging is not the result of intense exercise but rather genetics and the simple process of aging. This is because as you age, collagen and elastin in your skin will begin to break down and diminish, resulting in a loss of elasticity and reducing the support your skin can provide for underlying tissue. Ultimately, this allows for a gradual drooping of breast skin and tissue.

Hope is not lost, however. With breast lift surgery, Dr. Levi Young can lift tissue, firm the breast mound, and remove unnecessary skin to give a perkier and more youthful appearance to the breasts. In many cases, this can create ideal symmetry between the breasts and surrounding features as well. During your initial consultation, Dr. Young will evaluate the extent to which your breasts have sagged, discuss your breast lift options, and help you decide if the procedure is ideal for your needs.

Adding Implants to Breast Lift Surgery

Infographic: Breast Implant OptionsSome of the factors that encourage more significant sagging, including high-intensity exercise, can also result in a loss of volume in the breasts. When this is the case, adding breast implants to your procedure can help to restore a fuller, more symmetrical look. Dr. Young offers many breast implant options, including saline and silicone filling, rounded and teardrop shaped, and textured or smooth outer shells, allowing him to customize the procedure for optimal results.

While discussing your options, Dr. Young will carefully evaluate your breasts and their relationship to surrounding features to help you determine if combining breast augmentation with a lift is the right choice.

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