Can Breast Reduction Help Alleviate Neck Pain?

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Posted: July 31, 2023
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Having larger breasts can be the catalyst for many emotional and physical stressors in a woman’s life. They can cause neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as emotional distress when you can’t fit into certain types of clothing. Having larger breasts can be debilitating, and that’s why many women are utilizing breast reduction, and what it has to offer, to help them live a more fulfilling and comfortable life. In this blog, we are going to discuss what breast reduction is and how it can help you if you are experiencing any debilitating attributes because of your larger breasts. 

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

This is a cosmetic procedure that works to alter the size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts by removing excess skin and tissue that is currently present. It is often done to women who are experiencing chronic pain in their neck, shoulders, or back from the extra weight that they are bearing from their larger breasts. 


Alleviates Pain 

This procedure helps to alleviate any pain that you may be experiencing from your enlarged breasts. This can do wonders for your posture and overall well-being. 

Boosts Confidence 

With more proportional-sized breasts, you will have more confidence to wear the clothes that you want to wear. You will also feel more confident during physical activities like working out or running. These types of things can be an uncomfortable experience for women with larger breasts. 

Long-Lasting Results 

The results from this procedure last a long time, generally speaking. Factors like age, pregnancy, and weight gain play a role in how long your results will last. 

Find Comfort With Us 

Breast reduction surgery can help you alleviate any pain that you may be experiencing from larger breasts, and it can give you the confidence to wear what you want when you want. If you are interested in speaking with a doctor to see if breast reduction is a good route for you, Dr. Levi J. Young at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Leawood, KS is an experienced doctor that can make sure you are on the right path. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who strives to provide his patients with perfection. Contact us today at 913-341-2188 or visit us online at to schedule your consultation with us. 

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