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Are Arm Lift Results Permanent?


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Arm LiftAfter losing a lot of weight, you may notice that your arms have a bat-wing-like appearance. These flaps of extra skin can affect individuals of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, they are often untreatable with diet and exercise alone. An arm lift is an effective way to remove this excess skin and flatten the area, but are the results permanent? Here is what you should know. 

What Is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift is a procedure that involves removing excess skin from under the arms. The remaining skin between the elbow and the shoulder is then tightened and sculpted. In some cases, the surgeon will combine the procedure with liposuction to remove excess stubborn fat deposits from the treated area to create a slimmer finish.

How Long Will Arm Lift Results Last?

The results of an arm lift can last for a decade or more, depending on your lifestyle and how well you manage your weight. Due to the fact that both skin and fat are removed during this procedure, your arms will always look more taut than they would normally. However, you may develop some natural sagging over time as you age and experience fluctuations in your weight. 

How to Maintain the Results of an Arm Lift

After having an arm lift, there are a few things you can do to ensure you are able to maintain favorable results for years to come. One of the most important things is to keep a healthy diet. This will help to support the elasticity of your skin and its collagen production. It will also help to ensure that you are able to maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise is also important for maintaining the results of an arm lift. Although you will want to avoid heavy lifting and other strenuous activities for at least six weeks following your surgery, you will want to develop a regular fitness routine that combines strength training and cardio in order to keep your arms toned and the weight off.

See if an Arm Lift Is Right for You

If you are interested in seeing if an arm lift can help you achieve the look you desire, reach out to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery today. Board-certified Dr. Levi Young provides quality results to all of his patients. Contact the office in Leawood, KS, today by calling 913-341-2188 to schedule a consultation to see if an arm lift is right for you.

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