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Liposuction Procedure Recovery, Tips for Making It Go Faster


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LiposuctionA liposuction procedure is an invasive surgery that needs to be taken seriously. After you go through with it, you must practice proper recovery methods so that you get the best results possible and avoid complications. This goes beyond just getting rest and using the recommended compression garments, it involves an overhaul of your typical day-to-day routine. Continue reading to find out tips and tricks for expediting your recovery and ensuring that you give your body what it needs during this time.

Rest, Diet, and Hydration

The simple tips for speeding up your recovery all involve getting enough of the typical factors you’d expect. Procedures tend to leave your body dehydrated quicker due to the healing process progressing. This means drinking more water than you typically would is a must so recovery can continue. This goes double for ensuring you get the proper nutrients in your body. You’ll want to incorporate lean protein, antioxidants, and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. As long as you do this and accompany it with plenty of rest, your recovery should progress rapidly.

Treat Your Recovery As You Would Any Other Wound

This procedure will most likely involve stitches, which means you have to be careful not to do any jerking movements and keep the area clean. You don’t want to waterlog the wound either by taking a bath. It may sound relaxing for your body, but you’ll want to keep these healing areas cool, dry, and clean as much as possible. Loose clothing is a great idea as well to avoid any major friction on the wound area.

Think About Your Overall Health

During this recovery time, it is important to stay away from any outside medications that haven’t been discussed with your surgeon or general care provider first. Anything that could be considered a blood thinner or change your normal bodily functions could lead to complications for your recovery. Staying away from excessive caffeine and smoking nicotine products, in general, is a good rule of thumb as well. These can hinder your normal blood flow and thus your recovery process.

If you follow these tips and stick to them your recovery will fly by quickly with little to no complications being present. But if you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to call us at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Leawood, KS, at 913-341-2188.

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