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“Love the new look! One of the best decisions I ever made was trusting Dr. Young and his staff. Thank you for your kind spirit, warm and thoughtful bedside manner, and brilliant surgical expertise.”

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Patient Reviews

Breast Implant Revision

34/ Breast Augmentation Revision and Liposuction!! 650cc LETS DO IT. Overland Park, KS

HisShay81 • 1 year ago

I love Dr young and his staff is amazing; I can't wait to get more surgery from him..(I have one more surgery in mind lol). I do wish I would have went bigger, even with the swelling they still aren't as big as I had hoped for... Hoping that they have a growth spurt in the next week or so... 650cc doesn't look big on me like it does others... Nevertheless; LOVE MY PS!!!! #TeamDrYoung

Natrelle Breast Implants

27yr Old 5'2" 110lb Petite 385cc HP Under Muscle Textured Silicone Breast Implants - Overland Park, KS

Dwdancer89 • 2 months ago

The best ever.

Breast Augmentation

Fantastic, highly recommend. Awesome rapport and fantastic bedside manner.

rgwilson • 7 months ago

Thorough, meticulous, spot-on. He took my concerns seriously, never talked down to me and he obtained amazing results with my desired effect. I look just the way I had hoped and felt immediately comfortable with him and his staff (kind and GENUINE). Trust his expertise. He knows his stuff.

Mommy Makeover

I Was Afraid of Having Cosmetic Surgery. Overland Park, KS

sun n sand • 1 year ago

I had been contemplating having a "Mommy Makeover" for several years. I had finally decided to make the call to Dr. Levi Young after a friend's recommendation. The person setting up my appointment put me at ease and was able to give me a lot of information. The date of my appointment I called to cancel as I was very afraid. I spoke to the nurse and was informed Dr. Young was the co-founder of St. Luke's Plastic surgery prior to branching out to private practice. She also told me she had left St. Luke's after 33 yrs. as a nurse to join Dr. Young at his new location. I felt very confident that someone with that much experience believed in the Dr. she was working for. I kept that appointment that day and was SO glad I did. Dr. Young was so patient with all of my questions and was very thorough. He made me feel comfortable, I did not feel a bit nervous. I was given step by step information as to foods to eat to help my nutrition status before surgery and also day, week, and month post op expectations. I was very surprised that the pain was not as bad as I expected. ( Don't get me wrong, it was not pain free ). The nurse helped me understand my pain and relieved my fears. The staff at the Surgery Center was wonderful. I was shocked that Dr. Young personally called the next day to check on me. He is so sincere and funny. He is not arrogant and I honestly feel I could talk to him about anything. I am now 6 weeks post breast lift/augmentation and tummy tuck. I love my new body and have gained such self confidence. I praise Dr. Levi Young and his staff for making this a great experience. If you are afraid....don't be. You will be in great hands at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Lift with Implants

35 YRS, 5'9" 128lbs Deflated and Saggy

EM1380 • 6 months ago

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Young and his staff. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and makes you feel very comfortable from beginning to end. My consultation was for a breast augmentation and lift. After examination, Dr. Young advised a lift was not needed. Moving forward with just the breast augmentation, I was extremely concerned about the size of my end result. I didn’t want to look too big or unnatural. Dr. Young and his staff were always available to discuss my concerns whether it was in the office, by phone or email. The day of the surgery, Dr. Young made me feel confident the size was going to be perfect. Sure enough, he was right. Everything turned out absolutely perfect! I no longer look deflated or saggy. My confidence has been restored and I cannot believe I didn’t have this surgery years ago! Dr. Young is a man of integrity, an artist, has an eye for detail, has excellent bedside manners and a very, very kind heart. He comes highly recommended and I will definitely use him for any future needs! Dr. Young is the best Plastic Surgeon in the area!

Mommy Makeover

45 Yrs Old, 4 Kids and Saggy Breasts. Overland Park, KS

stacy1218 • 1 year ago

Dr Young really listened to my concerns about my body, and detoured me from wanting an unnecessary procedure! He was right, with his recommendations for my tummy it made my booty look better. I can't be any happier with my results.

Breast Augmentation

34 Year Old, Not Going to Have Kids, Just Wanted Fuller (Not Bigger) Breasts

DowntownLouise • 6 months ago

I was very new to understanding the cosmetic surgery practice in KC, so researching and scheduling consultations with other doctors in the city was important to me. A few minutes into Dr. Young and I's conversation, I knew I would choose him. He is incredibly knowledgeable and will answer your questions (as any good doctor would), but for me, two things differentiated him from the others. 1) He's an artist and I feel like has a vision of your body that someone w/o that type of eye might not be able to see. You'll see one of his drawings hanging in the office. 2) He use to do reconstructive surgery for female cancer patients and then translated that experience into the work he is doing now (I believe the previous doctor at that location groomed him to take over the practice). He's incredible talented and professional and I walked away feeling absolutely comfortable and in good hands.

Breast Implants

31 Yr Old, 2 Kids, Silicone Breast Implants - Overland Park, KS

chandra84 • 1 year ago

I am SO EXTREMELY happy with my results. Dr. Young did an amazing job in taking my verbal description of what I wanted and transformed it into ME! I seriously could not have asked for a better experience. He is very humble about his work and truly is an artist. You often times read that women wished they wouldn’t have waited so long to have this procedure done. I am in that boat as well- I wish I had done this sooner!!! You will NOT be disappointed if you choose Dr. Young as your plastic surgeon!

Breast Implants

28 Yrs/ 5'7.5"/138lbs/415Left FP,450cc Right FP -Overland Park, KS

riverbirch • 9 months ago

Dr. Levi Young is professional, an expert in his knowledge base and cares about what the patient wants/doesn't want. Not a man of many words but powerful words that are clear and sends a clear message. Doctors that are too wordy can be overwhelming and come off as pushy causing patients to forget pertinent details. Dr. Levi Young is great. Another note, initially, I had wanted the implants inserted through the armpit. With Dr. Young's explanation and research I did on my own, he was right about having the best access to achieve the best placement of the implant through an inframammery incision. Most women who undergo breast augmentation will have to go back at some point. Arm pit incisions can only be used once, and then in the future, they have to go through the breast anyway. May as well use the old incision cite instead of creating a new one.

Breast Implant Revision

Replacing from Saline to Silicone. Overland Park, KS

jm1708 • 9 months ago

Dr. Levi J. Young, is professional, patient, will answer all your questions before, during and after your consult/surgery/follow-up. I highly recommend him and his staff. Excellent bedside manners. I never felt rushed.

Breast Lift with Implants

loved everything about my surgury - Overland Park, KS

rnl • 9 months ago

I had many consultations with different doctors but Dr. Young made me feel the most comfortable from day one. He discussed the uniqueness of my body frame (which no other doctor did) and what he recommend would be best for me. I was unsure about what size to get, so never provided any pictures as a reference. I described how I missed the fullness of my pregnancy breasts and wanted them back. I put all my trust in him knowing he would know the right size for me.... And I couldn't be happier!!!

Breast Augmentation

Best Decision I Ever Made! Overland Park, KS

Jjennings0528 • 1 year ago

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Young and his staff. I am 32 and due to 100+ weight loss I had the breast composition of someone twice my age. I really wanted to have a breast lift and augmentation but was nervous. Dr. Young settled all my fears and actually made me feel very comfortable. He took plenty of time to explain everything and put me at ease. The day of surgery he was compassionate and took his time make sure I was ready to go. He has gone above and beyond to make sure that this patient was comfortable and well taken care of. I would recommend Dr young to any of my loved ones and friends

Breast Augmentation

Female, 28 Y/o, Married, No Children.

Ltara123 • 1 year ago

Levi Young and his staff were wonderful. He was professional and courteous. During our consultation I didn't bring any photos of breasts I wanted because I didn't want to desire something that would not look good on my body type. I feel like Dr. Young did a wonderful job listening and understanding what I needed. I'm very blessed to have met him and thankful he was given a talent that has provided me with more confidence.

Breast Augmentation

I had an amazing experience

kaaayleeee • 3 months ago

Dr. Young and the staff are just all around incredible. I felt very comfortable and confident in Dr. Young's abilities and felt that he was very concerned with what I want my results to be and listened to that. My experience pre op, during, and post op were and have been nothing less than amazing. I would definitely recommend advanced cosmetic surgery and Dr. Young to anyone considering a procedure.

Breast Lift with Implants

51 Years of Age, Mother of 3, Wanting to Improve the Looks of my Breast

bcrystal • 5 days ago

Dr. Young and his staff were wonderful to deal with. Very pleased with all of them!!!

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation - Perfection! - Kansas City, KS

jayndo3 • 10 months ago

Dr. Young is awesome. He is professional, friendly, and attentive. I went in to increase my breast size to their original form (prebaby). Nothing extravagant. They healed wonderfully and are a nice full C. Most people who have known me for years can't believe I had them done...they are that natural looking.

Breast Implants

24 - Breast Implants - Overland Park, KS

a7591 • 1 year ago

Dr. Young was a lucky find. I met with a couple doctors before Dr. Young who made me feel very rushed and unimportant. It seemed like I was just another body walking into the office. I get that for them it *is* just another day at the office but for me this was a HUGE deal. When I finally found Dr Young I knew I was in the right place the moment I walked in the door. Everyone I came in contact with was so friendly and made it seem like they too thought this was a big deal. I must admit I fell in love with Kim, his nurse. She is SO sweet and was always so quick to respond to my many emails with questions and concerns. The day of the surgery Dr. Young came in to answer last minute questions, mark on me for surgery, and put me further at ease. My boyfriend was sitting with me at this time and Dr. Young made a point to direct the answers toward him as well which I thought was a nice touch. I don't think I could ask for a better outcome. He seems to have done a phenomenal job on my incisions. I was a little concerned about this because I've seen some photos of awful incision sites but Dr. Young seemed to make the perfect cuts and I believe they will heal really beautifully. Bottom line, I am extremely happy with my results and would recommend anyone and everyone to him in a heartbeat!


Results are fantastic - Overland Park, KS

LexiMarlene • 11 days ago

I am now 8 weeks post and I am loving my results. I would recommend Dr Young to anyone wanting their hour glass curves back. He did a fantastic job. I had my procedure done on a Thursday and he called me over the weekend to check and see how I was doing which says alot about being under his care. I also had chin lipo done by him around 3 years ago and my results are still amazing.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation-26 Year Old-1 Child - Overland Park, KS

Chelseyleeann • 1 year ago

I recently had a breast augmentation procedure performed by Dr. Young. I was able to set up a consult appointment quickly and schedule my procedure quickly! Dr. Young and his staff were exceptionally nice. Lori and Kim were always happy to assist me if I called in with a question. They were very informative and ensured that I knew what to expect the day of surgery and during my recovery. During the consult Dr. Young was very thorough and informative. I left the consult appointment confident that Dr. Young would give me the results I was hoping for. On the day of surgery, he came in and was very pleasant and helpful with my last minute questions. I am extremely happy with my results and thankful to Dr. Young and his staff for a wonderful experience!

Breast Augmentation

36 Year Old Mom (Mid-large B Cup) That Has Always Just Wanted to Be "Perkier" - Overland Park, KS

ljoustra • 1 year ago

He told me what he honestly felt that I needed to achieve my desired results.....glad I listened to him. He is an amazing surgeon!!

Sientra Breast Implants

49 Yrs Young, Married, Wanting to Restore Fullness with a Natural Look, Correct Inverted Nipples, 2 Adult Children

kcflygirl • 6 months ago

Dr. Young and his staff truly care about their patients. I felt as though he understood my desired outcome and what would look best for my petite proportions. Dr. Young took the time to answer all my questions and my husband's questions before surgery. He has an exceptional bedside manner.

Breast Implants

29 Years Old, Breastfed, 3 Kids, 32b to 445cc - Overland Park, KS

Beachbabe1787 • 4 months ago

My dr was the absolute best doctor ever! I loved his staff so much! They were genuinely friendly! Definitely recommend Dr Levi Young.

Tummy Tuck

42 Y/o Mom of 2 ;both C Sections - Overland Park, KS

newmommiebody • 2 years ago

I would recommend Dr.Young to my friends and family who are interested in cosmetic procedures. He is truly skilled& talented in his field. I compared several other big name clinics in the area and and completely satisfied with my choice. He respectfully waived any consultation fee, answered all my questions and made me feel confident in him & his team for my care. Last,but not least,the surgery fees included an insurance policy to cover any complications that may have occurred within 30 days of the procedure(not covered by primary health insurance)this proved to me he is a responsible individual. He and his lovely staff earned my trust!!

Breast Implants

45 Yr Old Wanting to Replace Fullness in Breasts - Very Happy - Overland Park, KS

Bets1969 • 1 year ago

Dr. Young is very talented and I would highly recommend him. He has both technical and aesthetic skills which is important to get the look you want safely. He was recommended to me by a few GYN doctors in the area (I work in the medical field). His staff is incredible from the front office to the nurse. So friendly and knowledgable. Plus, you can get in quickly to see him for a consult, surgery and post follow up appointments. Here is another thing that I think sets his standards very high - they require you purchase cosmetic medical insurance (around $150 - $175 total). It covers anything that medically could go wrong with you post surgery. I found that very comforting. You never know. I had crazy and unforeseen complications with one of my c-sections. I've worked with numerous physicians personally and professionally and his practice is outstanding! We thought the price was very reasonable. I would have paid a lot more because I wouldn't bargain shop breast augmentation. My husband said that he would have paid $5575 per breast :-)

Breast Lift with Implants

37 Years Old, 4 Children, Breast Lift with Implants. Overland Park, KS

amg2001 • 1 year ago

Dr Young is professional, kind, thorough, and competent. I completely trust him and respect his work as a plastic surgeon. I am more than satisfied with my end result, and I definitely refer him to all of my friends. His supportive office staff compliments him as well and helps provide an accommodating and welcoming environment.

Breast Augmentation

37 Year Old Always Wanting Breasts After Losing to Breastfeeding - Overland Park, KS

mizkeke • 1 year ago

Very detailed and informative nice warming

Breast Lift with Implants

58 Year Old Married Female - Overland Park, KS

cbanks1 • 1 year ago

After seeing two or three other plastic surgeons throughout the years I am so glad that Dr. Young was the surgeon that I picked. He makes you feel at ease and that you are a person not just another patient. He was always confident that the outcome needed was going to be a good outcome and gave me the confidence to do the surgery. It has been a year since my surgery and I've never been so confident wearing my clothes and swimsuit without feeling like I'm being judged due to my shape. Outcome: fabulous. Confidence: over the top.

Breast Augmentation

31 YR Old-Did It for ME!! - Overland Park, KS

joeyburg • 1 year ago

Dr. Young and his staff went above and beyond my expectations. I could not have asked for better group to take care of me. They are professional, knowledgable, and more importantly, they made me feel so comfortable and personally cared about. This team is a class act!!!

Breast Augmentation

20 Year Old Female

adrytorices • 5 months ago

Dr. Young and his staff are hands down amazing, #1! After consulting with various plastic surgeons in the area, I decided to go with Dr. Young not only because he did an amazing breast augmentation on one of my friend but overall Dr. Young and his staff made me feel the most comfortable. I had surgery in October 2016, I was 20 at the time and just wanted to have bigger breasts. Dr. Young did a really good job at explaining everything to me step by step, answering all my questions/doubts (I have a rare skin that scars differently) and did everything to help my procedure go as easy and smooth as possible. I'm almost 4 months post-op and I am beyond pleased with my results and I definitely recommend Dr. Young to anybody. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. YOUNG!!

Breast Reduction

39, No Kids, Breast Reduction, 36G/H Down to Maybe a 36 D? - Overland Park, KS

HRR • 6 months ago

Dr. Young is a kind and good human. He is an excellent doctor who showed great attention to detail in each step of my procedure. He answered all of my questions very thoroughly and helped me feel calm and confident about the procedure throughout the process. I am very happy with my choice.

Tummy Tuck

36 Yo Mother of 7 Looking to Take my Sexy Back

brookealoo • 1 year ago

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Young, his staff and his overall patient care. I was referred to him by Dr. Hall who was the prior surgeon that hand picked Dr. Young to take over his practice upon retiring in Summer 2015. Dr. Hall had nothing but kind things to say about the character and overall ease of presence that Dr. Young carries himself with. Upon first meeting him in my consult, he made me feel warm and welcome and all my inhibitions about sitting across from him in a robe scantily clad quickly went out the door. We discussed the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure and he was extensive in detail and thorough while patient to answer any questions or concerns I had. I never once was made to feel as if my opinion wasn't valued or if my particular shape and weight was more than it should be and he assured me that he was confident he could assist in my overall expectations to look and feel better about myself. He was very honest in what I should expect, clearly laid out any potential risks as well as prefacing how my current body shape and weight could impact the overall results. He ultimately armed me with enough factual information to make me feel empowered to make my decision to move forward or wait based on my own personal needs. I called Liz, his administrator and scheduler, and asked a million questions leading up to the day of surgery. She was always so sweet and answered what she could and if she wasn't sure she would enlist the help of Dr. Young's nurse Kim. Kim is so warm and makes you feel so at ease and comfortable and she has a very nurturing way of caring for you. His staff is the backbone of his practice and he has chosen them well. On the day of my surgery, Dr. Young came to see me before surgery and draw all over me. That is the most fun I have ever had in my life, total confidence booster. He asked if I had any last minute questions to which I razzed him and told him to be very thorough and not screw up. He smiled and gave me a nod of certainty that he had it all under control. Every nurse I came in contact with raved about how amazing he was as a surgeon and how he was a perfectionist and beyond thorough when working on a patient. The pride he takes in his work in each of his patients speaks for itself when you first see yourself in a mirror after surgery. The thing I have grown to appreciate the most about Dr. Young is not just his meticulousness as a plastic surgeon but the calmness and ease he helps you feel as a patient; before, during and after surgery. He has a great personality that is easy going and just makes you feel at home. He is truly one of a kind and really one of the few down to earth all around nice guys. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon this is your man. You won't regret your choice in allowing him to take your care into his own hands and see you through your transformation. Call and schedule your free consult and thank me later. Thank You Dr. Young, Kim and Liz for truly being amazing and being there to share in my journey of rewarding myself for being a momma to 7 children and taking my sexy back. I could not be happier with my results and never thought I would feel like this was the best money I've ever spent but it has been. From the bottom of my heart, you all have been the cherry on top!

Natrelle Breast Implants

34yrs Old, 2 Kids, 5'2" 97lbs - Overland Park, KS

alh112381 • 1 year ago

Dr. Young is wonderful! He knows what he's doing! I was very very hesitant about the sizes we discussed, worrying that they would be too large for my frame. But he said to trust him and I'm so glad that I did! He did a beautiful job. Only 2 days post op and they already look natural. His staff also goes above and beyond to assure and encourage you. I highly recommended this team. I've already referred him to two other friends. I'm beyond impressed with the service.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation 26 Y/o. Overland Park, KS

llm2011 • 1 year ago

Dr. Young was very kind and nice, office staff was very helpful. Glad I choose him, he was able to do my surgery 1 week after my initial visit, which was what I was wanting. Other places had 3-4 month wait and just felt like a number. He did a fabulous job and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. His nurse Kim is great, extremely kind, and helpful.

Mommy Makeover

Happy with my results!

hmelte • 7 months ago

Dr. Young and his stafe are amazing. They truly care and always make you feel so comfortable. Seeing his work, making me feel confident, and knowing that Dr. Young is such a perfectionist also made my decision to have the surgery much easier.

Mommy Makeover

35, 6 Ft, 240lbs, 3 Kids, Mommy Makeover, Here I Come!! TT with abdominal muscle tightening, BL and Lipo! - Overland Park, KS

kansasdoll16 • 1 year ago

Excellent doctor with immense talent. Wonderful office staff. Absolutely thrilled and amazed and grateful for all of Dr. Young's skillful abilities as a top notch surgeon.

Breast Implants

33 Year Old - Professional Woman (Pre-kids) - Overland Park, KS

KCMO1999 • 1 year ago

You will wish you had gone to Dr. Young earlier! I was scared of even considering the process of a breast implants. Dr. Young puts you right at ease and answers your questions in a pleasant, informed and positive experience. Nothing to dread. He is a true perfectionist with cheerful bedside manner.

Mommy Makeover

Single Mom of 2 Boys and Needed to Feel Better About Myself Again - Kansas City, KS

Tulip88 • 1 year ago

Dr. Young is an amazing Doctor I know that Dr. Hall had asked Dr. Young to come in and take over his practice and all I have to say is Dr. Hall made the right choice he is outstanding in his work and his bedside manner. He personal called me a day after my Surgery to check on me even though I knew he was on vacation. How many Doctors do you find out there who first call and check on you and second do it on their vacation. I will be going back to have my arms done as well as telling all the women I work with how great he is. Thank you again Dr. Young for your amazing work this single mother is ready to go out and take on the dating world.

Breast Augmentation

30 Years Old, 5'4, 157 Lbs. 2 Children, Both Breastfed. Asymmetrical Breasts After Breastfeeding Last Child - Overland Park, KS

hme2016 • 4 months ago

Dr. Young and staff are amazing. He does amazing work, and I would do it all over again. He has a great bedside manner, and his office staff, especially Lori and his nurse Kim, go above and beyond to make you feel like you're the only one that exists. They are all so helpful, and very quick to respond with answers to questions. I was very pleased with my experience!

Breast Augmentation

Very Happy from Beginning to Middle to End!! - Overland Park, KS

nhensley • 1 year ago

I was referred to Dr. Young by Dr. Hall last May. I was told to get a few consults from different doctors and had been doing tons of research on my own. After meeting with Dr. Young and his AMAZING nurse Kim I knew they were the right fit for me and I did not need to look any further. Dr. Young made me feel very comfortable during our consultation and really listened to exactly what I was wanting and what outcome I was hoping to achieve. He gave his suggestions and overall opinion on what he thought would look the best for my body frame and any reservations I had going in were completely put at ease by the end of our consult. Kim was wonderful to work with and over the next few months from my consult to surgery at the end of August we chatted back and forth and she was very eager to answer any questions I had and I felt overall they really did want me to be happy with my decision and my results and really care about their patients. She also had me look at pictures online and send her the ones I liked the best and hoped to resemble after surgery which was very helpful and I advise anyone looking into this surgery to do as well. I went back and forth on what size I wanted as I didnt want to look too big for my frame and after discussing sizes with Dr. Young and Kim and comparing before and after pictures I was very confident and happy with the size I ended up choosing. The day of surgery went great and I was very very happy with my results. Even after surgery Dr. Young, Kim, and the front desk staff were more than happy to answer any questions and/or concerns I had post-op and at my first two follow up appointments they once again were great and once again reassured me I definitely made the right decision going with them and I would highly recommend Dr. Young to anyone! :)

Inspira Breast Implants

34 Mother of 2, Breastfed 2 Years, 30/AA-32/A.

probstou • 7 months ago


Breast Implant Revision

Amazing Surgeon- Excellant results- Excellant Staff

Wanda26421 • 3 months ago

Excellent results!! Suffered 22 years with hard capsules. Dr. Young removed and, replaced with a size I really wanted (within reason)- LOVED his staff- felt at home in this office. BEST EVER!!!!!- :)- This surgeon is awesome- I would highly recommend him- very precise- What an artist. I could write a book on his talent, His office staff and the Dr.'s professionalism!

Sientra Breast Implants

31, 5'5", 120lbs, Sientra Textured Round, HP, 415cc

beach belle • 10 months ago

Dr. Young is professional, yet very personable. He is the first doctor I consulted with and I could have scheduled the surgery that day without speaking with any other doctors. He, and his staff, encouraged me to seek other opinions before making my decision. I never felt rushed or pressured to decide on the spot. You can really tell how much Lori, Kim and the rest of the ladies respect him and admire his work. They are also very caring and understanding while discussing all elements of the surgeries and fees. Do not expect cheap prices at this practice, it was on the higher end of what I was expecting, but I think he is worth every penny. Price should never be the biggest determining factor when it comes to your body, health and safety. It was also important to me that the surgeries were performed in a surgical center under the care of an anesthesiologist. My second consult was almost $3000 less and I was feeling guilty at the price difference but my husband pretty much told me to go with Dr. Young because he could see how comfortable I felt with him. You can tell he is very confident, but never comes across as cocky or condescending. I felt that he valued my opinion instead of brushing it aside in favor of his own vision. He was realistic about my outcome and I trusted his judgement. His nurse is quick to reply to any questions and Dr. Young followed up with me the day after my surgery. I have nothing but kind words for him and his entire staff.

Breast Reduction

60 Years Old Needing Breast Reduction and Lift. - Kansas City, KS

przcoolh • 1 year ago

Very knowledgeable, very nice staff. Effective. Dr Levi Young, is our doctor for any plastic surgery procedure.

Tummy Tuck

Best Surgeon in KC Metro Area - Overland Park, KS

jerlady • 1 year ago

Very pleasant, knowledgable and gave me a high level of comfort in his abilities. And his assistant Kim was just awesome! I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of me. I LOVE my procedure and it was well worth it!

Breast Implants

Excellent Experience!

mjen9 • 3 months ago

'm going on week six of recovery and so far everything is going well. I was very happy with my experience leading up to surgery. Dr. Young's staff were very kind and helpful. I felt comfortable in their office and it was easy to my options with them. I chose Dr. Young because I liked his gallery photos and he seemed to have a great reputation. I am very happy with my choice! I went into the consultation having decided to go with a more modest size but changed my mind and decided to go with larger implants. He was very supportive and I believe he did his best to give me the results I wanted. He pointed out that I have some asymmetry and used different size implants to help even out my final result. It's difficult to trust someone else to make decisions that affect my body and health. I had to trust his professional judgment and let him decide what would look best. I told him I wanted to be a DD and gave him pictures that I liked. I'm happy with my decision to trust him with my surgery. I think he did an excellent job. I haven't fully recovered, but so far I'm pleased with my results. I'm struggling with anxiety over the healing process and how my implants are settling. His staff have been very responsive to my concerns and always reply. I have my next appointment in less than a week! I'm excited to hear his opinion on how things are healing and to have the opportunity ask more questions.


I thinks its worth it!

Cori1010 • 1 year ago

I am a little nervous about my choice of doctors. I met with three, he is the least experienced but was the most positive about the results. Other doctors told me that I would only be 40% straighter and that it may go back the way it is now because of "my anatomy." Dr. Young told me that he could get it right and that it is pretty straight forward procedure. He is also an artist so I feel like that will make him more likely to produce pretty results.

Breast Implant Revision

implant revision with lift

Liftemup21 • 9 months ago

I had planned to use Dr. Gary Hall for my revision. When I called the office and heard that he had retired I set up an appointment with Dr. Young. His front desk staff was helpful and efficient. Super friendly the minute you walk in the door. I had planned on having a few consultations with different doctors. After meeting with Dr. Young, I didn't think I needed to. He's soft spoken, but knowledgeable. He told me what he thought needed to be done and listened to me about what I wanted done. Surgery went well. Recovery was way easier than expected. I'm ecstatic with my results. I would do it again in a minute! Dr. Young's nurse, Kim, is awesome. She emails right back the same day and is very friendly.

22 Years Old. 5'6" and 115lbs. Breastfed One Child. - Overland Park, KS

pigsrhott93 • 1 year ago

Dr. Young and his nurse Kim, are great to work with!

1Day Preop - Overland Park, KS

gadsond50 • 9 months ago

Dr Young has good bedside manners. Will let you know more after surgery. Office staff very nice an helpful. They always follow up and call you back.

Seven Abdominal Surgeries in Nine Years, Twin Gestation Carried to 38 Weeks

MythreesonsKC • 5 months ago

Dr Young and staff have been nothing but professional, courteous and encouraging! I absolutely trust that everything is in there capable hands. I look forward to continuing working with them throughout this process. There's not a question that goes answered or a picture of his work that I don't really appreciate!

37 Yo, 2 Kids, 5'6", 137 Lbs with 34D's, Getting Breast Lift w/ 415 cc Natrelle Inspira implants & tummy tuck

Mommymakeover_me • 2 months ago

After 3 years of hesitation and meeting with 4 plastic surgeons, I am going with dr. Young. He has helped me feel more comfortable and at ease with what I'm wanting. His staff is great and always make you feel comfortable. I even met with him twice (had to pay a $50 fee the second time) because I'm that woman with a million questions. I brought my hubby along for second consult and he liked dr young as well. He is an artist "on the side" (as in has displays of amazing paintings he's done all throughout his office) and I like his previous cosmetic procedures. So far so good.... TBC

34-year-old, Married, Mom - Overland Park, KS

JBC22 • 1 year ago

Dr. Young and his nurse have been nothing but knowledgeable, kind, caring and professional. I absolutely trust Dr. Young's medical competence and clinical judgment. He far surpassed my expectations at my initial consultation; it was an easy decision to move forward with him as my surgeon. I have not undergone my procedure yet (breast augmentation), but am already looking forward to amazing results.

35 years old, mom of 4 trying to put things back where they go.

Chasing4 • 1 year ago

I had went to see a total of three surgeons upon my husband's request. I thought I would be going to the first one, as I know someone who had used them. Dr. Young was my final consultation and I couldn't be thankful enough to have found him. His staff has been amazing and super helpful. Dr. Young was warm and welcoming. The awkward body assessment was much less awkward and he talked to me as long as I wanted and did not rush me out the door as fast as he could, which is what I ran into with a previous consultation. I feel confident Dr. Young will have me looking great in no time!

5'7" 140 Lbs 38 Yrs. Revision of Pocket with Nipple Lift 450HP, Want 700 UHP!! - Overland Park, KS

Harleygurl • 4 months ago

Haven't had my surgery yet, but from my consultation and phone calls, I am completely in love with him and his staff. He is an artist and that makes me feel better about choosing him for my revision because this is an asthetic altering surgery, not just a surgery to insert implants and send me on my way. So far, I feel confident he can give me a better outcome. Will update after my surgery.

34 Year Old, Mother of 2, 5'4 (110 Lbs) A to C or Small D - Overland Park, KS

Consideringccs • 8 months ago

I am a 32 A desiring fullness & cleavage - a full C or possibly small D. I am seeking a slightly fuller than natural look. After nursing two children my chest is left sad & deflated. I desire the fullness back I had while pregnant and nursing. I also would like to correct slight asymmetry that occurred after nursing a child who preferred one side. I do not want to look top-heavy, too large, or too fake for my frame. I want to be proportionate to my body. I am thin, although I do have shoulders and hips which I would love to balance. Cup size is not as important to me as is really just wanting to do what looks best on my body. I am athletic and workout 4 hours a week and would like to keep an active lifestyle.

40+ Yr Old, Mother of 2, 5'6 170lbs - Overland Park, KS

ksamaria • 2 years ago

I hesitated a little with going to Dr. Young, because of his age, however when we met I really liked him and his nurse is experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. The entire office puts you at ease.

34 Yrs Old, Mom of 2 Plus a Step, Nursed for 4.5 Yrs, Doing Something for Myself Finally

krmomof3 • 8 months ago

So far they have been good. Only a consult and he was pretty easy to feel comfortable with. His office staff seems nice. Feels a little odd there is no pre-op appt but I'm sure it's not necessary. Might just ease my anxiety about the process some. I'm still about 5 weeks away so I'm sure I will hear from them soon enough.