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Breast Augmentation

Dr. Young performs customized breast enhancement procedures to provide you with the best results that beautifully complement your body.
The size and shape of your breasts can play an important role in how confident you are with the look of your body. If you have naturally small breasts or breasts that have lost volume, you may not have the feminine curves you desire. Breast augmentation uses implants to improve the size and definition of your breasts. Dr. Young performs customized breast enhancement procedures to provide you with the best results that beautifully complement your body.

Who Can Benefit From Breast Augmentation?


Naturally Small Breasts

Women with naturally small breasts considering breast augmentation are typically between 18 and 35 years of age. These women can choose from most breast augmentation options, but certain modifications may be made if they have thin breast tissue. Women with small breasts may be looking to achieve a natural breast appearance with defined cleavage.


Post-Pregnancy Breasts

Women considering breast augmentation following pregnancy are typically between 25 and 45 years of age. Volume loss following pregnancy is common, and some women find that their breasts appear deflated and may be smaller than before.


Aging Breasts

Your breasts are prone to losing volume and developing laxity as you age. Women over 30 may feel that their breasts no longer have that youthful fullness they once did. An aged breast appearance can cause you to feel unattractive and less satisfied with your body. Additionally, the older you are, in combination with laxity, the more likely it is that you will benefit from a breast lift with your augmentation.

Your Unique Breast Augmentation

Increased Size

Women considering breast augmentation are looking to increase the overall size of their breasts. Small breasts can have a negative impact on how you view your body. Many women choosing breast implants feel that their body lacks balance or curves, which may rob them of the subtle curves they find feminine and attractive.

Better Definition

Small breasts often lack the definition many women desire. Creating more shapely breasts or enhancing cleavage can improve the overall appearance of the breasts in many women. It is important to consider breast shape when undergoing an augmentation because a size increase alone won’t always provide the appearance you desire.

Improved Symmetry

A significant portion of women considering breast augmentation have mild to moderate cases of asymmetry. In rare cases, you may present with severe asymmetry. Dr. Young can tailor the breast augmentation process to address problems with asymmetry for a more balanced and symmetrical breast appearance.


The ultimate goal of every breast augmentation performed by Dr. Young is to provide you with a look that restores your confidence. Natural results that enhance the curves of your body can have a significant impact on how comfortable you are with your appearance. Feeling happier with your body helps you feel more confident in yourself.

Implant Material

The type of implant you choose will play an important role in how your breasts look and feel. A number of factors, including your frame and personal preferences, will impact which implant is best for you.

  • Saline - FDA approved for ages 18 and over. Utilizes the smallest incision of all implant options (about three cm in length). These implants are filled after they are placed. Saline implants may make the breasts feel harder and more prone to visible rippling.
  • Highly Cohesive Gel - FDA approved for ages 22 and older. This cohesive gel silicone implant enables patients to maintain the most natural breast shape. Your breasts will have a natural softness with a highly cohesive gel implant, and you are less likely to experience visible rippling.

Incision Location

Incision location is based on implant type, positioning, and personal preference. Incision location can impact the visibility of any resulting scarring.

  • Inframammary - The incision runs along the lower breast crease. This is a very well hidden scar location.
  • Periareolar - The incision is created along the border of the areola. Saline implants are typically placed with this technique.

Implant Placement

Where your implants are placed will affect how they sit on the chest.

  • Submuscular placement - The implant is placed under both the glandular tissue and the pectoral muscle.
  • Subglandular placement - The implant sits under the glandular tissue but over the pectoral muscle.

A personal consultation with Dr. Young is the first step in your breast augmentation journey. During your consultation, your physical and emotional health will be discussed. Dr. Young will evaluate your body type to help you determine which breast augmentation options will help you achieve the look you desire. Openly discussing your goals for breast augmentation is a vital step in creating the breast appearance you want.

Prepare the following prior to your consultation so Dr. Young can gain a better understanding of your medical history and desires:

  • Photos of the breast type you wish to achieve
  • A list of previous surgical procedures undergone, if any
  • An outline of past and present medical conditions
  • Detailed list of medications you are taking, including herbal remedies and nutritional supplements
  • The results of previous mammograms
  • Make notes of any history of breast cancer in your family

Your consultation will include a body exam, during which your proportions and body characteristics will be evaluated to determine the best breast augmentation options for you. Factors Dr. Young considers include:

  • Size and shape of the breasts
  • Width of natural cleavage
  • Quality of your skin (elasticity)
  • Placement of the nipples and areolas


Day of Surgery - You will spend one hour in recovery. A licensed adult must drive you home. You will experience bruising, swelling, and redness. Keep your chest elevated, even when sleeping. You will be provided with a surgical bra designed to support your breasts and minimize swelling.

First Week - Mild soreness may continue for several days. During this time, take pain medication and antibiotics as directed. You may experience some drainage. After 48 hours, you may shower. Always wear your surgical bra or a front-zipping sports bra. Significant upper pole swelling is common. After the first week, you should be able to return to work.

Three to Six Weeks - Pain and swelling will continue to subside. After an evaluation by Dr. Young, you may be able to resume physical activities, including exercise routines.

Long Term - Most women find their major swelling has subsided after six weeks. Minor swelling can last for several months, which may temporarily affect your breast appearance.

The type of scarring you experience will vary depending on the type of incision chosen for your breast augmentation. While some incisions are larger than others, suturing techniques and thoughtful placement help mask their appearance. The severity of your scarring is determined by your body’s natural healing response. While you may initially develop visible scars, they are likely to fade over time. Dr. Young provides each patient with a silicone scar gel. Dr. Young’s specific techniques and the scar gel greatly reduce scar visibility.

The cost of your breast augmentation is determined by a number of factors. The type of implant used and techniques will impact the cost of your procedure. Other factors such as location, anesthesia fees, and surgical fees will affect the final cost of your breast augmentation. It is important to remember that quality may be reflected in cost. Dr. Young provides the highest quality results, performing 150 to 200 breast augmentations annually. Generally, breast augmentation with Dr. Young costs up to $6,100 with silicone implants.

Postoperative pain is normal following breast augmentation. Many patients experience discomfort associated with the stretching of breast tissue. The new pressure placed on your chest by the implants may take several days to become accustomed to. Oral medication is prescribed to help alleviate any pain you may experience throughout your recovery. You can discuss pain-relieving techniques with Dr. Young during your consultation.

Breast Augmentation Results


Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation are in good health and have realistic expectations about their results. They may have experienced volume loss due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging.
Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthetic. This ensures patient safety and comfort with minimal side effects.
Breast augmentation does not provide any significant improvement in breast sagging. Tissue laxity at the time of an augmentation can actually have a number of long-term effects on the breasts. If you have breast sagging, consider combining a breast lift with your augmentation.
Most women will be able to breastfeed following their augmentation. However, how and where your implants are placed may disrupt the milk ducts and can cause difficulty breastfeeding. Discuss your concerns with Dr. Young during your consultation.
Choosing breast augmentation for any reason depends on how you feel about your body. Losing volume in the breasts is common following weight loss. Breast augmentation may provide you with the look you desire. For other women, a breast lift to eliminate droop and to restore a “perky” appearance may provide them with the look they desire. Some women can benefit from a combination procedure. You can discuss your breast desires with Dr. Young during your consultation.

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