Cosmetic Surgery Cost in Kansas City

By | December 2nd, 2011

I have many people emailing me asking the cost for certain procedures.  Most plastic surgeons do not like to post cost on their websites because cost change frequently and can vary from patient to patient.  Some surgeons will show the average fee for a certain procedure but not the costs for operating room and anesthesia and possibly other added expenses.  When you discuss costs with a surgeon make sure that you have the entire package and that their are no hidden fees.  I am going to post here some cost estimates for several common procedures that I do.   My cost estimates include all costs such as surgeon fee, anesthesia, facility fee, and also all office visits needed.  Also included is the cost for implants, garments or overnight stays if needed.  Keep in mind these costs can change at anytime as any of the above costs change.  The only expense not included in my cost quotes is the expense of filling some prescriptions after the surgery.

Saline Breast Augmentation $4600

Silicone Gel Breast Augmentation $5500 (gel implants cost $900 more)

Breast Lift $4953 to $6290

Breast Lift and Augmentation combo  $6900 to $9200

Full Abdominoplasty $6300 to $7700 (includes some liposuction)

Lower Body Lift   about $13,500 but can vary quite a bit

Mommy Makeover usually about $9,800 but can also vary a lot

These are just a few of the procedures that I commonly do.  Feel free to email me if you have questions regarding other procedures.  When you come in for your free consultation we always give a written itemized cost quote so you know exactly what you will be expected to pay for.  Also included at that time will be some discounts you may be eligible for such as multiple procedure, previous patient, military and cash payment.  If you are interested in financing the surgery I have links on my website to several financing companies.

When you are deciding on a plastic surgeon I know cost will be a consideration but should not be the major thing.  You need to think about the surgeons experience, number of happy patients, malpractice history, how well you relate to the surgeon in your consultation and Board Certification.


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